The sequel to the original Annihilation movie, a bit longer but with a very similar style, it was meant to be a true successor to my previous movie, and while I do think there are slightly more mistakes in this version, it still turned out wonderful and I am proud of it.

ANnihilation - a cs:go fragmovie

One of my more recent creations, and the one I am most proud of, it perfectly represents my editing style and everything I love to do. This was a movie I made after I was sick of doing things I didn't like and trying to expand my comfort zone into different styles, and I just wanted to make something in my own style, so here it is.


This was a paid movie for the Vault organization for their team in ESEA Main season 24, a pretty basic movie in terms of effects, but a good one none the less.


A slower movie that I made overnight the day after it happened at the major, it has a far slower style than the rest of my movies, and while in hindsight I would make it faster, it is what it is.

GFL Clan

This was a movie I made for the people at the GFL Clan because I was good friends with someone back on their old team.

older movies

Everything beyond this point was made before I knew what I was doing and when I was only editing my own clips, I am just listing these here for fun, this is not an accurate representation of my editing ability.

rex fragmovie

This was the very first actual frag movie that I made and took seriously, its not great, but I think its pretty good for not knowing anything about how to make a frag movie in the first place.

REX: Pistol ace

This is just a short clip I threw together around one of my better pistol aces in an afternoon.

REX: Deagle ace

Another short clip around a random ace I got when I was playing with some friends.